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Three Dollar Bill

2007-09-01 23:15:49 by ShadowMaginis

Hey everyone! This is my official Three Dollar Bill, or TDB, page. I really want it to be like a weekly or biweekly animated web comic sorta thing. Most of them will probably be short, but think of it as a penny arcade or vgcats comic, but animated, but prolly not as funny...



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2007-09-07 22:37:22

loved bioshocking. cant wait to see more.

ShadowMaginis responds:

working on another flash right now, look out for it!


2007-09-16 01:34:15

Are your eyes really different colors? Anyway great stuff! I'll make sure to check your stuff out as you release it.

ShadowMaginis responds:

actually they are. thanx alot!


2007-10-01 22:49:14

dude what happened to bioshocking who gives a shit if it didn't get a 4 or 5. i just plated trough like 15 hours so far.

ShadowMaginis responds:

what do you mean what happened to it? its still there....


2008-01-21 11:46:53

whens your next flash and whats it about


2008-08-28 03:47:06

i sad u said u working on new bioshock last year oct 8 and it like almost year later BUT i no there r things im not accounting for like u cant work on it alout and it takes a long time to make somin like that cuz dont u got to do it frame by frame or somin like like and u gotta draw each frame but anyway u doing a great job keep it and a question how do u get saves and stuff cuz i c u have 2


2009-06-16 01:31:41

Nice job on ur latest flash!!!
"Who's the vampire?" *Bang Bang Bang!*


2009-06-17 16:19:06

You should really be more active. If you need some help setting up your webcomic site, I work cheap. Contact me if you're interested.


2009-06-17 21:13:21

u stole ma name DX


2009-08-09 15:11:30



2010-05-08 10:49:25

I really liked the Final Fantasy VII flash and think you should do some more. NOW GO FETCH!


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